Dpdr Expert Explains How To Overcome Depersonalization Naturally – REACTIONS vs REAL Problem [RARE]

This is most people’s life, as far as healing anxiety and dissociation. They obsess on fixing the symptom, reacting to the symptom, talking about the symptom, ignoring the symptom, accepting the symptom, being ashamed of the symptom, projecting themselves in a made up future with symptom and catastrophizing how bad it’s gonna be, being scared of the symptom, being anxious of the symptom. Technically, what they’re doing is they’re not solving absolutely anything, they are just alternating emotional reactions to the main problem.

Let me tell you something: This has NOTHING to do with the real problem and why this symptom is here in the first place and what it’s doing for you. The symptom is not the real problem. The symptoms INDIRECTLY leave when you have healed, strengthened, resolved, expressed whatever part/feeling in you feels hurt, unsafe, neglected, rejected, betrayed, abandoned, powerless that made this symptom appear in the first place.

If I told you that to get fit you just need to accept the fat on your belly, how would you take that? That’s bs right? Same for mental health. Stop fixing and alternating emotional reactions to the main problem, and just solve the main problem so there’s nothing to fix in the first place. Be smart. Solve the real problem not the the nuances and details of symptoms.

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