Dpdr Expert: 2 Steps To Overcome Anxiety & Dissociation – Dissociation Split & Dropping Stories

What are the steps to overcome anxiety and dissociation? Step 1: drop all the stories of why you can’t, why it’s going to be difficult, and all these hybrid of logical emotional and pseudo-scientific garbage you’ve been telling yourself which sets you up for failure before you even start and no matter what you do. If you want to make your life harder don’t follow this step.

Step 2: get crystal-clear on the real problem vs symptoms and focus on solving the real problem. I call it “dissociation split” it’s what you’ve been creating to help yourself survive psychologically and physically and it’s where we start to go “in your head” and all the overthinking, anxiety, fears, obsessing, dissociating that comes from that. Until the “hurt self” is healed and strengthened the “logical self” will continue on creating new anxieties, fears, obsessions, dissociations and control to protect the hurt self.

This is not to create a new nice theory but for educational purposes only so you know where to start, what to do, most information to ignore and what to focus on so you can reinvest this time with the people that really matter in your world and focus on your ambitions. To your success!

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To Your Success!
– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert