Dpdr Existential Thoughts – You Are NOT A “Deep Thinker” & What’s The REAL Problem [MIND-BLOWING]

While most gurus tell you “it’s just anxiety” and that by accepting these existential/ intellectual/ philosophical thoughts is enough, I argue there’s something else in these thoughts that you’re trying to get. Safety and control – not the details of those answers and explanations – that’s what you are really looking for.

In this documentary you’re going to learn that it’s not intellectual details that matter, but the emotion you’re trying to get at the end. That means that you can spend thousands buying courses and books and paying coaches (not to count the frustration of not getting anywhere) working on an intellectual and conscious level, but the emotional engine is still there running in the background, taking over when you least expect it. And this is where I stand out.

The mind is very very smart, much smarter than you think, and it has the ability to distort emotions to fit its survival and safety agendas. To help you escape from the discomfort of the present or something really hard to admit, it will present you specific high-level hard-to-figure out quizzes and questions. The mind will also append a bait, a reward, a promise of good feeling (usually control) at the end – you know much like those baits for fishing.

You, seduced by this seemingly unsolvable mental object with this seemingly exquisite reward of a good feeling at the end, will naively explore it with the promise of “trying to find a solution/ answer/ explanation and then I get that feeling and then I stop I promise” and back you are in the cycle (“also known as “in your head”)! Beautiful illusion isn’t it? This, in a nutshell, is what most people call “deep thinking” – mhh not very deep is it? The more you avoid discomfort, the more you are calling for the mind’s help. You can also say that the mind helps you delay truth by distracting you by amplifying the perceived importance of figuring out something else that has absolutely nothing to do with the real situation. Real freedom and peace is about knowing and undoing, knowing and undoing, knowing and undoing, rinse and repeat – there’s very little to do! Learn how to create your own freedom.

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