Dpdr anxiety recovery – symptom fixing is useless. Just solve the REAL problem. THAT’S IT

What you want is not to fix symptoms, what you really need is a better alternative to feel safe. Most people have this habit of obsessing over symptoms.

This is common and such a peculiar trait they don’t realize, that is precisely how they got here and doing more of the same thing won’t get you anywhere only worse.

They don’t realize their mind is protecting them and out of ignorance and unawareness, they want to fix and fight their mind. And that’s when the mess begins.

Look this is all you need to do. Let go of symptom fixing. Understand what’s the real problem and how your mind creates these symptoms and protections. Work with the expert. Solve the real problem. Enjoy your new life. That’s it.

The rest is unnecessary drama, fixing, coping and useless logic. Just like all my students say who have recovered from this and are now enjoying their life, family, friends and goals – JUST SOLVE THE REAL PROBLEM AND LET GO OF SYMPTOM FIXING.