Does Therapy Help Depersonalization? How To Choose SPECIFIC Help + Symptoms Are Not Real Problem

Today you’re going to learn how to orient yourself in choosing specific help to solve anxiety and dissociation and achieve your goals, why the solutions you’ve been trying haven’t worked deeply, and what to do instead.

Another very important thing you’re going to learn, is that although the symptoms can have neurological/chemical/medical/etc origins for which I’m sure you’ve already done plenty of scans, checks, etc. for, is that you are unconsciously perpetuating, recreating and worsening the symptoms, with the goal of making the symptom so bizarre, weird, bad, irrational, abstract and amorphous that it ‘helps’ you avoid the real thing. That means that there’s no point in solving and obsessing over symptoms in that so often they have nothing to do with the real, unconscious, emotional, problem. This is a classical example of whenever I say that “the details, degrees and nuances of the symptom have nothing to do with the origin and function of the real problem”. To your freedom!

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To Your Success!
– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert