Does Anxiety Cause Dissociation? Anxiety And Dissociation Connection [ADVANCED & DEEP PSYCHOLOGY]

How many times have you said “thoughts make me scared” or “anxiety makes me fearful”.

Whether you call it fear, anxiety, ocd, ptsd, phobia, depersonalization, trauma, the names change but the gist remains the same: You believe the thoughts and what your mind is telling you, and then you react to that with more fear.

In this video I’m going to show you that no, thoughts don’t make you scared and that it’s ok to leave thoughts unfinished and unprocessed and let them fade in the background of your mind without exploring them. Want to be successful in your life and conquer your mind?

Then leave negativity on the side, unprocessed and incomplete, and refuse the pleasure of completing and exploring the details of the negative. Instead of re-iterating on the details of the negative, focus on building your life!

It’s OK to have negative thoughts and just because they look real it doesn’t mean you have to believe in them. Want to be free from negative thoughts and fears? Then renounce that secret pleasure and curiosity of exploring them “just to check if they are true”. That innocent curiosity of exploring is costing you a lot.


Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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