This is what most people believe (yep you included) about dissociation recovery:

❌ the longer you’ve had the problem = the more years you need to be cured

❌ the more complex, entangled and unique your symptoms are = the more complex the solution/cure is going to be

❌ if i want to be cured = im going to be cured

❌if i know how to better describe myself, have a better diagnosis, label, theory and description that describe my situation = solution and improvement

Basically the more time you’ve had dissociation and the more complex your problems and symptoms are, the more you believe the solution is going to be complex and it’s going to take a long time

Now let me give you new perspectives and how problems are solved and how personal improvement TRULY works:

✅ what you think is the problem very often is not the problem. The real problem is another one that has (apparently) nothing to do with the problem that right now you are thinking is the problem. How do i know?

Because otherwise you would have already solved it and you wouldnt be reading this post. Also, how long you’ve had these problems is almost irrelevant as far as the duration the solution (yep! I’ve had people who had dissociation, stuck emotions and numbness for decades and it was gone in a few weeks. Forever. Naturally. Quickly. Permanent. It IS possible)

✅ the main problem with dpdr and dissociation is keeping everything in, feeling scared and unsafe of being real in the present moment for fear of [insert fears], avoiding your emotions and not knowing how to deal with thoughts. Thats it. Each symptom is just an expression of these core issues. No need to overcomplicate it with more intellectual theories.

✅ it does NOT matter how much you say you want to overcome dpdr and dissociation. Everyone is good in words. What makes truly the difference is that you have to be 100 percent decisive to abandon the hidden benefits that these problems and symptoms are offering you (not taking responsibility, attention, importance, feeling unique, etc.) and making the jump without looking back. Dont wait for motivation to give you permission to make improvements. Start first and motivate yourself along the way.

✅ you cant imagine how many times i see and talk to people that know a lot of stuff, theories, how trauma works, how emotions work, latest theories and discoveries on the mind and they even try to teach me — yet they are in the same situation in their life but at the same time they reach out to me because they know they need a real solution, but at the same time they still want want to hang on to all that intellectual stuff and dont want to let it go.

I can try to help them as much as i want to, but they need to realize that being open-minded is not so much about keeping an open mind, but letting go of the sense of safety in the things you already know.

Private message me here to know more how i can help you with dpdr and dissociation, or book a discovery call here so we can talk about the opportunities and (real) solutions 🙂

To your success,
Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Expert

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