Do I need to fix symptoms? No you don’t. That’s intellectual garbage. THIS is what you need to do

Do I need to fix symptoms? Can you tell me how to fix symptoms? Can you reassure me it’s still the same thing? Why do I feel anxious? Are you sure this will go away can you tell me one more time I’m not sure are you sure this will go away? Most people don’t realize what they think they need to figure out and fix is intellectual garbage. It has nothing to do with the real problem. It has nothing to do with getting better. It is just mental and logical layers, questions, protections, reactions that have nothing to do with the real subconscious problem. And here you are wasting your precious time fixing and obsessing on logical garbage that has nothing to do with the real problem, stuck or in the same situation, or with marginal and slow improvements, year after year. You know the saying. When you try to fix garbage, you get..Learn how your mind works from the inside out so you can finally get rid of these symptoms and feel calm, connected, confident, authentic and have the life you want deep down in your heart.(apologies for the air conditioning it was way too hot not to turn it on lol that’s good stuff anyways how it will help you sharpen your focus)

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