Dissociation Success Story & Depersonalization Success Story: How Ashley Overcame Dissociation QUICK

The dissociation and depersonalization communities, forums and groups are full of with stories of negativity, people arguing about symptoms, theories about how trauma works and research papers with a lot of proof “that makes sense” and statistics and food for the intellect, yet people are still stuck. This is the current situation.

But very rarely do you see REAL results, right? The ones from real people? That’s precisely why I’m here! In this video with my student Ashley we are going to explore her story from start to finish.

To give you an overview, the main changes she’s seen in the 5 sessions we did together are: Feeling in control of her destiny, feeling safe and present in relationships, feeling confident and have clarity of mind to achieve her goals, feeling her emotions (finally!), stopped overthinking,

overcame many fears around people, stopped that internal harsh voice, and more! In just 5 sessions, we accomplished with Ashley what most people don’t accomplish even with years of therapy and reading dozens of books.

But don’t take my word for it, watch her story! Here’s Ashley number 1 piece of advice for those who are still struggling with dissociation, overthinking, fears and numbness: You don’t know it all and release control, that’s what’s holding you back! Enjoy!

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