Dissociation Success Stories – More Focus, Energy, Emotions, Calmness and Grounded

Another student of mine crushing it 🎉🥰

Who knows how many years of talk therapy it would have taken to produce the same results.. 😌

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

Image may contain: text that says 'Iliad 50 12:54 Active so let's recap what we accomplished together: -mind and body way more relaxed and calmer anxiety way less feeling a range of emotions, more 'emotional richness" -being able to work and be relaxed at the same time -removed information addiction and other compulsions -feeling strong emotions in your body in the present moment -more focused and energetic excellent taken one by one they dont seem important but when you stack them up it's a massive change indeed For sure. My family is impressed. excellent_and_voulive_been Aa'