Dissociation Success Stories: Lakesha’s story


I know you’re tired of hearing negative stories, suffering, problems, competition for who’s got the worst symptoms etc.

So here i am with more success stories from my students 🙂

If you havent seen it yet, i suggest you watch the student interview i did with Lakesha

She went from feeling very (very) numb and dissociated, in an abusive relationship, deeply depressed, suicidal and completely tired of feeling tired..

As with many people, she was diagnosed with borderline, clinical depression, anxiety disorders (and another one which i dont remember)

She had tried YEARS of therapy, read many many books, even studied philosophy and had tried every solution under the sun to stop feeling numb, dissociated, depressed, controlled by her mind

She had had these problems for 20-30 years.. Until she found me and in just one short month, the entire trajectory of her life was changed forever (watch video to know how she did it)

Like many people, she was (and is) smart, articulate, knows a lot of things about dissociation, traumas, emotions, even philosophy.. yet she was stuck..

How that hell is it possible!? We’re going to explore this in the video

Regardless, a congratulations goes to her for the courage in sharing her story.. and for her willingness to take action and trust me and the process

Im proud of you 🙂

If she did it, why can’t you??

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