Dissociation Success Stories – Feeling Safe & Taking Control Of Emotions And Thoughts


Here are some reasons why people keep being stuck in their life and are not successful in overcoming dissociation:

❌ making pain the normal, making problems the center of their life, drawing a secret pleasure out of pain, and building a sense of identity out of pain.

Like it or not, some people prefer to live in pain and problems because these things offer them some secret sense of comfort and benefits (aka the familiar cage) such as a sense of identity, being understood and feeling unique, blaming dissociation for one’s unsuccesses (you see? i cant achieve my goals because dissociation is not letting me!), avoiding the responsibilities of life, etc.

❌ keeping on researching symptoms, theories and filling up one’s head with more information and intellectual artifacts. Meaning that some people take refuge in these intellectual worlds of complicated theories, become more intellectual and articulate, know the biology of the brain/trauma/emotions/etc., speak in a very compelling way too.. yet they are stuck in the same situation in their life.

No wonder, it’s because you are avoiding the most important part: FACING and FEELING the pain and feelings that you’re escaping from. No intellectual artifacts and theories are ever going to make up for this

❌ being stuck in the “looking for the cure” habit instead of applying actual solutions. Similar to the one above, some people get so used to looking for solutions that they forget to just apply and to explore the parts inside of themselves they’re avoiding — not out-there theories that someone invented.

Almost as if the habit and goal are to just keep looking and looking and looking instead of actually moving forward in one’s life

❌ preferring the hidden benefits of feeling dissociated. Like it or not, there are benefits to problems. Until people drop and let go of hidden benefits that dissociation offers (better feel numb than hurt, i dont have to take responsibility for life and i can just blame dissociation, i cant suffer, i dont have to feel pain when someone rejects me, etc.) there’s no way you are going to be free of it!

You have to be 100 percent crystal-clear that you do not want dissociation. It must be a firm unshakeable decision. Sure everyone says it in words “i want to improve” “i want to get better” sure sure.. but not everyone does it in practice. Make sure that you are not one of those people and that you apply in practice what you’ve said in words

Every person i’ve worked with that has gotten results and massive transformations in their life very quickly has NOT done these mistakes but the exact opposite

Now you too can copy with my clients have done and replicate these successes in your life 😁

The next step to take is to contact me privately to know more how i can help you with dissociation and be one of the next success stories, or book a discovery call at the link below

To your success,
Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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