DISSOCIATION SPECIALIST Explains How To Heal Dissociation Naturally: WHY Body Techniques Don’t Work!

If you notice, most people in my position teach two main things: Either ACCEPTANCE or BODY-BASED techniques, isn’t it so? 🤔

However I’ve noticed that there’s a group of people where these techniques don’t produce almost any result.

These people need something DEEPER, a personal transformation from the inside out. 😮

As a matter of fact a permanent state of dissociation can also be kept alive by two things:

(1) what I call the “underlying hard to describe feelings in the background” such as: I have this weird feeling that the world is unsafe no matter what i do and everywhere i go, feeling that people hurt me and are out to get me, I never feel enough no matter what I do, I can’t trust people,

and all these generalizations that seem to be so stubborn and tend to confirm themselves no matter how much you rationally try to convince yourself of the opposite

(2) conflicting beliefs on the nature or movements of your identity such as: I want to be normal but when I’m normal people reject me, I want to be present but the present is not safe, I want to be myself but I don’t like myself, etc.

These two are the hidden generators of a permanent state of dissociation (no one talks about this) and dissociation is just the mind’s final attempt to “neutralize” the conflict,
to neutralize these conflicting internal experiences and beliefs so that instead of feeling the pain of this internal war, you feel nothing and can move on with your life. 🤷‍♀️

And in these two cases, applying a body-based technique or just accepting it won’t make that much of a difference. Watch the video to know why.

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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