DISSOCIATION IMPROVEMENTS 😍 – Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr Expert


Are you sure you need months and years of therapy to see these results? 🤔
Who told you that? Someone with 834 certifications and degrees hanging on the wall and “a lot of knowledge” and 7 years of academical experience, yet they dont know how to help you in PRACTICE?

When it comes to results, you need to choose someone who focuses on results, talks about results and makes sure that you have results. It’s as simple as that

Choosing a mental health professional, healer, therapist, psychologist, coach, licensed X professional, whoever they are and whatever name they use to call themselves and whatever healing approach they use,

and choosing them because of the brightness of the degree that they have or because of the prestige of the school that they’ve learned from and studied at — it’s a poor choice

Let me tell you: The practice is different. The real world is different. To create results it’s a different thing.

If you want RESULTS and FREEDOM, then choose someone who is focused on results and freedom

If you want THEORIES and “to know more”, then choose someone who is focused on teaching you more interesting theories

(note: results below after 2 sessions. Original problems: dissociation, anxiety, self-doubt, repressing emotions, emotional numbness, feeling tired/lethargic, guilt, not feeling enough. Results can vary from person to person)

Image may contain: text that says 'Iliad 12:26 Active 5h... Thu at 8:55 PM hi how have you been doing lately Fri at 11:48 PM Hi Giussepe sorry I didn't see the message yesterday, things are better feel more excited, more awaken, just more feelings in general, don't drift away as often and just really stating to love really love my self Aa'