Depersonalization Thinking Without Feeling: How To Motivate Yourself By STOPPING Motivating Yourself

People ask me very frequently “how can I motivate myself to get better?” so I decided to make a video about it. The main problem is this: People wait for motivation to get better, as if motivation is a pre-requisite or a specific amount they need before they start.

They don’t realize that motivation is created WHILE and AFTER you take action, and it is not a pre-requisite instead. In this video I’m going to challenge the way you think and help you realize if you are REALLY committed to improving or you say it just because “it makes sense that I don’t want to have problems and I want to improve”.

No, it doesn’t make sense, it’s not obvious, and just because you have a ‘problem’ doesn’t automatically mean that you are willing to get better. 😮
In fact, most people say they want to get better (in words) but I show them what it truly takes to have breakthroughs, and they are more scared to improve than they are to keep their problems (sad isn’t it).

In the counter-intuitive way I explain in this video, here’s how to motivate yourself by (1) resolving 3 weird paradoxes within you and (2) by letting go of the seductive sense of safety and comforts that dissociation is offering you. 🙄

Motivation is not an undefined quantity that you need before you start; It’s something you get indirectly as a byproduct of taking action and when you stop trying to directly motivate yourself and let go of the comforts and sense of safety of the situation you’re in now.

This is how motivation and success are forged. Enjoy!

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