Depersonalization Success Story & DPDR Success Story: Overcome Anxiety & Dissociation in 85 Minutes

😏 PROBLEM & DURATION: 40+ years of anxiety and dissociation

🛠 HOW: my specific method using hypnosis

⌚SOLUTION TIME: in the very first session = 85 minutes. Now we’re going to continue creating even more progress in the next session.

😱 PAST SOLUTIONS: he had tried EFT, supplements, medication, DARE response, talking about it, talk therapy, CBT, self-talk, hypnosis, working out, acceptance, distraction, other courses on anxiety and dissociation (the ones you’ve probably tried) for decades

I find it curious when I’ve worked with some people in the past and they were like “the session doesn’t work” “the method doesn’t work”

Sure. The real question is “were you READY to do it NOW, to let go NOW, to follow the process NOW, to stop telling yourself bs NOW, to do the work NOW?”

😮 BOTTOM LINE: let theories and opinions from average and skeptic people be replaced by facts. Focus on solutions not the details of problems and symptoms.

It’s not how much time you spend in therapy, how much you talk about it, how much you do, how much you obsess over it, how much you are frustrated, it’s about PRECISION of knowledge and solution 🎯

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