Depersonalization Success Story & DPDR Success Story – Maruf’s INCREDIBLE Breakthroughs & Wisdom

Here’s Maruf amazing story. Even though he never called it with the “official label”, he always experienced anxiety and dissociation symptoms (very common). After our sessions he feels a tremendous difference and no, he is not “back to his old self”, he is stronger than his old self. Main symptoms he had include: very high anxiety, intrusive and existential thoughts, dissociation, emotional instability.

Not only is he sharing his amazing transformation, he’s also giving away very useful tips and since he has DONE it and actually RECOVERED ( = he is where you want to be), he knows exactly how your mind works and thus can help you much better and much more directly than books and abstract theories that stimulate the intellect (foundation of the problem not solution) and make this process much more complicated than what it actually is, not to count that they don’t change anything in how you FEEL.

Here we share the raw truth (if you just want reassurance and “the tip” like most people who waste their precious time in forums and groups, I recommend you skip this bye bye I wish you the best of luck) of what it really means to get better and recover permanently, what to expect realistically, what it takes, and practical tips on how to identify the real emotions you feel deep down that are the “engine of the symptoms” if you will (aka the ‘real subconscious problem’).

Want a solution? Or want to cope? Want to fix symptoms? Or want to solve the real problem? The solutions are all here. With all this wealth of information and solutions, I’ve deleted all your excuses and stories (ops). Yes it’s possible yes you can recover no you are not unique no ‘your’ thoughts are not unique no the symptoms are not the real problem yes he has recovered yes he was just like you yes he feels 1000 times better stop telling yourself bs yes anyone can do it yes you can too. What you do with all this wealth of information and solutions is up to YOU.

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