Depersonalization Success Story & DPDR Success Story: How Max Has Won 10+ Yrs Of DPDR in 2 Sessions

How good does it feel to hug a person you love and FEEL their body, warmth and feel connected with them? To just be present and here with the people you love without drifting off? To laugh and FEEL it’s YOU laughing not a robot? For Max that dream has become reality. 👌

He had dissociation and anxiety, more specifically: brain fog, dreamy feeling, a constant 24/7 dissociation “for no reason”, along with a certain sense of guilt for being happy and enjoying oneself and an overall feeling that the world is unsafe no matter who you are and what you do and achieve.

Despite he done many years of research, read self-improvement books, worked with doctors and therapists, changed diets, used pills and supplements, he still didn’t get to the core of dissociation and anxiety.

Like most of my students, he thought “everything is okay”, I don’t have traumas, my past is okay, etc. which of course adds to the frustration in trying to solve a problem that seems to happen “for no reason”. 🤷‍♀️
Being focused, energetic, motivated, excited, feeling emotions, being present, feeling connected, feeling himself – these are some of the improvements that he has noticed in our collaboration (2 sessions total + a few quick follow ups).

So how did we do this? We did this with hypnosis and with my unique understanding of how the mind works knowing what the REAL problem is and what the REAL solution is (not what you think is the problem and what you think is the solution). 💯

Max #1 piece of advice: Stop bullshitting around, take action, and book that call with Giuseppe! You are so worried what if it won’t work, but have you wondered what if it does work?

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