Depersonalization Success Story & DPDR Success Story: How Jay Has Won Social Anxiety & Derealization

At first he started taking notes from Giuseppe’s videos and applying in his life. Then he decided to work with Giuseppe directly.

Jay has been a role model, committed, consistent, receptive and proactive. He knew that methods like talk therapy, counselling, acceptance, distraction, mindfulness, grounding techniques and even body relaxation,

regardless of how well they are explained and presented, are often general solutions that don’t solve the real problem and don’t take care of your unique situation.

Jay had dpdr/dissociation and anxiety, in particular social anxiety and derealization 👌

After our hypnosis & coaching sessions (6 in total) he feels much more confident, way calmer, “connected to planet Earth” as he likes to say, much more clear headed, finally feeling emotions and sensations in “real time”,

feeling connected to his real emotions, being much more present end enjoying the moment, finally moving on with his life without worrying how dissociation and anxiety will interfere 😌

Not only has he solved these core problems, but he has learned core skills in how to manage his emotions and how his mind works so he will not put himself in the same situation ever again (very powerful). 💯

He has faced himself, and now he is here sharing his incredible transformation and change free from unnecessary overthinking, anxiety, dissociation, brain fog and stress and pursuing his passion in music and other creative interests

Jay #1 piece of advice: Stop obsessing over the symptoms and thoughts, the real problem is much simpler than you think, it’s always some kind of emotion!

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