Depersonalization Success Stories [SEEING REALITY] by Giuseppe Tavella


Another student who trusted me and the process TILL THE END and is now on the right track to be completely free from dissociation

And you know what the cool part is? Very rarely did i mention the words “dissociation, depersonalization, derealization, etc.” in our collaboration! Weird isnt it.. 😮

And while most people out there think that reading the next erudite book is the solution, know the next theory on trauma,

understand the neurobiological implications and causes of dissociation, having a better description of their symptoms and diagnosis is the solution..

we solve precisely dissociation by not even mentioning it (one of my ‘secrets’) 😂

Why? Because when you focus obsessively on the appearing first problem (dissociation) you’re blinded by the fact that you want to remove it and you forget what the REAL problem is, what the STARTING CONDITIONS that created this problem are

It’s as if you get angry because the bills have not been paid, then you pick a book about accounting, learn how to describe and categorize the bills, then you get even angrier because you see that this is not working in paying the bills, and then you try even harder and get even angrier because life is unjust, etc.

..but you are not seeing the simple painful reality: that you’re not making money and you dont know how to make it. Thats it.

Basically you are just running around in circles AVOIDING THE REAL PAINFUL THING! Painful yes, but it’s the real thing and when you face it for what it is, then you can be free of it

See how it works?

So let me tell you: The problems you’re experiencing right now are the symptom of the REAL problem

You can experience dissociation for years, know how to describe it, yet you can be in the EXACT situation in your life if not more frustrated because you have “a lot of knowledge” yet you’re still stuck

What if that dissociation is covering intense anger? What if that dissociation is covering shame, fear of rejection, fear of disappointing, of being a failure etc.? And you dont want to look at any of these things?

You can read 100 books and fill up your mind with intellectual artifacts and explanations, but you’re never going in that depth where the REAL problem is and REAL growth and breakthrough is

As a matter of fact becoming intellectual and “knowing more” very often is just another more complicated way of avoiding the REAL thing in you (that is very painful and uncomfortable feelings)

So thats it, this is literally the framework of thinking i operate in to get people unstuck not only from dissociation but from overthinking, anxiety, low self-esteem, fears and all the issues gravitating around dissociation

Book your free Discovery Call here to know more how i can help you get unstuck from dissociation, anxiety, overhtinking, fears

To your success!

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