Depersonalization Intrusive Thoughts – Intrusive Thoughts Are NOT The Problem! [Stop Being Average]

“How can I get rid of this thought, oh no I’m scared it’s going to come back, I need to obsess more otherwise it won’t go away, until I figure that out I can’t move on with my life, oh it’s so scary I don’t want to think about it how can I remove it quickly” – the average person’s mind is infested with these thoughts and thoughts that try to fix thoughts, they get nowhere and wonder why they’re stuck. Here’s why. Because the emotional details of those thoughts have nothing to do with the real problem.

Today I’ll show you how to differentiate yourself from most people out there who keep on struggling, obsessing, fixing, figuring out symptoms and emotional and logical details that have nothing to do with the real problem. I will show you practical, proven, step by step intuitive strategies and problem-solving frameworks that I use with my students that (the ones that give 100 percent and do the work and follow the process) get amazing results in hours of specific work with me.

These strategies are so obvious and effective that you will wonder why you haven’t applied them earlier (perhaps because like the average person you were too busy fixing symptoms that have nothing to do with the real problem?). For example, instead of fighting those thoughts and feelings, have you asked yourself how you are wanting to KEEP them and what they’re doing for you – that of course you readily deny out of shame? It’s not thoughts it’s your secret attachment with them and what that attachment is doing for you.

With the mind, it’s not about doing another mental thing to remove a mental thing, it’s about getting out of your own way so the feeling that is creating the mental thing comes up and you heal the feeling so there’s no mental thing in the first place. I will install my mind in you, get out of your own way, stop obsessing on symptoms, just follow the process and solve the real problem so there’s no symptom to fix in the first place.

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– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert