Depersonalization Hypnosis: The Engineering Of How To Solve Depersonalization [Hypnosis For DPDR]

Working with my students, one thing I’ve noticed is that there are two core beliefs that so often cause dissociation: (1) I’m not ENOUGH and (2) there’s something WRONG with me.

These two beliefs cause symptoms such as: feeling disconnected from your emotions, faking and denying your emotions, feeling depressed and/or accumulating stress and anxiety because you don’t express how you really feel because you believe there’s something wrong with your feelings so you keep them inside and cover them up with layer of doubts and thinking,

having social anxiety and all the pressure you create for yourself of having to perform, pretend, fake, etc. and being someone else that you are not.

The symptoms can vary, the gist remains the same. With hypnosis for depersonalization, you can solve all of this in a matter of hours. These beliefs have been created in milliseconds, why should it take you years of therapy to get rid of them? 😅

Learn how, by solving these two core beliefs, you can see MAJOR improvements in dissociation and anxiety in just a few hours. Don’t be like most people who focus on the symptoms and avoid the real problem (why? A mix of ignorance and denial).

You can release all the stress you want with stress release and muscle relaxation techniques, accept and distract yourself as much as you want, ground yourself as much as you want, but if those two core beliefs are there and you don’t take care of this mental & emotional aspect, how do you think they’re gonna go away?

Certainly not “with time”, there needs to be a SPECIFIC solution for that. Be smart and understand that every method has its place.

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