Depersonalization Hypnosis – Recontextualization & Emotional Peaks [Hypnotherapy for Dpdr]

After noticing a lot of interest and people understanding the power and immense influence of the subconscious mind, I’ve decided to be more technical on how your subconscious mind works and how to finally solve anxiety and dissociation. 🦾

More specifically, this is for you if ‘your’ anxiety and dissociation come from emotional/ psychological traumas.

By giving you practical (and funny) experiences on how your subconscious mind encodes emotions and forms beliefs, I’m going to explain you EXACTLY how is it possible that you can strategically use the same process

and direct your subconscious mind towards how you do want to feel and your mental health and emotional wellbeing goals (calm, connected, present, grounded, confident, safe, authentic, etc.) 🎯

Through the mechanisms of emotional contextualization and suggestibility that got you in this situation, you can reverse that and create the inner calmness, feeling present, connected, safe, authentic, etc. that you’re looking for. 😎

We are not fighting the mind, we are just using the same mechanisms and pointing them in a more empowering and freeing direction! Be smart. Be unique. Enjoy!

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