Depersonalization Hypnosis: Hypnosis For Depersonalization Disorder – Does Hypnosis Really Work?

You know how it is. You go a therapist, and they start telling you that it’ll go away, to accept it and ground yourself. You go to a psychoanalyst, and they start analyzing you and have you talk about your emotions in an intellectual way (which is precisely what you’ve been doing already). 😮

You go to a doctor, and you know more then they do. You go to a psychiatrist, and they give you pills. You read books, and it’s all interesting theories but you don’t know where to start.

You buy courses online, and it’s mostly the same shit over and over again (accept it, try to live your life as if you didn’t have it, distract yourself with nice music, etc). You go online, and you hear many experts talking about acceptance and distraction and grounding and mindfulness.

In all this mess of confusion and simplistic advice, I want to give you a new option, an alternative. And I want to give you the ACTUAL variables that determine the improvements you want to see (grounded, here, calm, safe, feeling myself etc.). One of these variables is what I call “completing the cycle”: That means that whatever the traumas that caused dissociation, with hypnosis, you can go there (in a safe environment) and COMPLETE the cycle that was left unfinished. This process creates safety and calmness as a byproduct because now the mind sees an ENDING to that cycle. 😁

An example of completing the cycle is when you were very small and you saw your mum leaving you precisely when you were opening up emotionally or you were playing. Your mind immediately created the belief “being open, creative, being myself = pain” or “people = abandonment, rejection, betrayal”. In hypnosis you go directly there and complete that cycle and put the new positive ending to it (by reframing that it’s not you, that you can survive now, letting go of inaccurate beliefs, etc.).

(When you know what you’re doing) you can do that in less than 90 minutes. So if you’re wondering how you can solve depersonalization with hypnosis, there you go. This is the internal engineering of how it works. Watch the video to know more. To your success! 😍

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