Depersonalization Hypnosis: DPDR Specialist Explains How To REPERSONALIZE Yourself [MIND-BLOWING]

How do you reconnect your brain? How do you reconnect with yourself? In this video I give you some examples of how to repersonalize yourself with hypnosis and why the method I use is much faster and effective

than most methods that use a more intellectual approach that requires you to process with your intellect first (talk therapy, psychoanalysis, counselling, etc).

One way in which we disconnect is with DENIAL. Denial is made up of black and white thinking, mental tunnel vision, unshakeable fear-based conviction, and artificial fear-based emotions that the mind creates to convince you of why you need to support this mask/ lie/ protection

(Protection with artificial emotions: I love you dad, I love you because you are my role model and because you didn’t know any better. Reality with real emotions: I’m angry at you dad, you hurt me so much, I can finally express what I really feel). 😯

Over time constant denial causes you to dissociate from the mental processes that allow you to understand logic, and to keep this self-created protection alive (I love you dad), you start denying the rest so you are ‘coherent’ with this lie and it seems more real.

You literally dissociate from specific mental, cognitive and emotional functions and your world becomes smaller and smaller and it gets replaced with fears, anxieties, obsessions, control, stress and dissociation.
Generally speaking, we disconnect with parts of ourselves that, when activated, felt and expressed, are going to trigger some kind of pain, trauma, emotion, wound.

Another example is, if your subconscious remembers that when you were being creative you were rejected from a person, it’s because your subconscious has attached the meaning “danger” to your own creativity, and it’s going to make sure you are dumb and slow! It dissociates you from your own creativity because being creative means “oh no that trauma/wound/painful emotion is going to be repeated”! 😏

You don’t remember the event, but you do experience the symptom/ block/ pattern/ dissociation aka “the problem”. For the subconscious there are no such thing as ‘problems’, only protections. Learn this new innovative method that I’m pioneering where you can solve depersonalization with hypnosis in hours.

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