Ok let’s get straight to the point: It’s not by finding the answers to those existential questions that you’re going to feel better

The ACTUAL problem is this: You feel a deep sense of insecurity, fear of unknown and fear of not having answers and control

In laymans terms, what that means is that those existential and philosophical questions

are simply triggering a sense of insecurity, fear of unknown, intolerance for uncertainty, that were ALREADY there

So if you try to find the answers to those questions, that will never satisfy you

because that’s not the actual problem to begin with! 😮

Even if you find the answer to “what is the nature of the universe” or “why do I exist” or “what is the nature of time/mind/body/soul/whatever”

that will never satisfy you because it’s not in answering those questions that you’ll feel better


(1) Because the answer to a questions is the basis of the next question and because

(2) it’s the insecurity and fear of unknown that you already feel being the actual problem

So instead of answering those existential/philosophical questions, use your brilliant mind and introspective nature

to answer the questions that lead to the ACTUAL problem. Here are some examples:

– What is it in my life that is making me feel unsafe?

– What past experiences made me believe that I’m unsafe?

– What past experiences led me to believe that I have to have all the answers, otherwise I feel powerless and that something bad is going to happen?

– What must happen for me in order to feel safe?

– How can I feel safer? How do i know i feel safe?

THESE are the questions you need to find an answer to

You’re looking for safety — not the specific answer to those questions

(everyone wants safety for that matter)

But you can find safety in many other ways, you dont need to rely on those questions

Like, we all ask philosophical/existential questions, the only difference is that in dpdr those questions

become the center of our attention and you start ruminating about your life instead of living it

But, as I said, it’s not the questions themselves being the problem,

it’s what they’re triggering in you that is already there (fear of unknown, unsafety, etc.)

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