Depersonalization How Do You Get It?


When our stress levels cross the threshold of what we can handle,

when we feel overwhelmed, or we had a traumatic experience,

or an event that triggered in us a tremendous amount of grief, sadness, desperation, etc.

the subconscious mind kicks in and says

“Okay you can’t handle this on your own and you’re suffering. Let me help you.

Let me disassociate you from those experiences and emotions so that you dont feel any pain and you can move in with your life”

..and this is where dpdr first appears

Remember the goal of the subconscious mind is always the same: Help you survive on this planet

So if the subconscious mind senses that the pain you feel is hindering or significantly slowing down your ability to survive,

the mind does 1 + 1 and thinks that, at this point, it’s best to be disassociated than to die!

(i know i know, the subconscios mind thinks in a very primitive way) ๐Ÿ˜…

For our survival, the subconscious mind has developed complex defense mechanisms to ensure that we can move on in life without feeling pain

If you notice there’s a common denominator among those experiences that i’ve mentioned before that trigger dpdr

Did you find what that denominator is?

It’s this: The emotional intensity, meaning how strong and overwhelming these experiences are

The more overwhelmning and strong they are, and the more we cant handle them,

the more our mind is going to “help” us by disassociating us from those experiences

— both in ourselves (depersonalization) as well as in the environment (derealization)

The ‘only’ problem is that, when those overwhelming emotions and experiences are over,

the mind doesnt automatically think “Ok now you’re out of danger, let me switch off my defense mechanisms”

NOPE!! The mind still keeps having those alarms and defenses switched on because it doesn’t

differentiate WHEN it’s appropriate (in the past) and when it’s not (now)

It thinks you need to be protected for the REST of your life “just in case” you die!

So the comical side of the story is that

(1) the mind is defending you when there’s no need to and

(2) what was supposed to protect you has created more issues than the issues it was supposed to solve and has become the new problem itself

Thats why from now on i want you to start adopting this attitude based on solid understanding — instead of fighting, attacking, controlling dpdr which just makes it worse

and to realize that there’s nothing to fight, but a lot to understand

If you’re ready to be free from depersonalization and feel the love and joy again for the people around you and the activities you like doing, book a Discovery call with me here and i’ll help you achieve to your unique goals ๐Ÿ™‚

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