Depersonalization Existential Thoughts – REAL Subconscious Problem vs Logical PROJECTIONS [RARE]

See those logical details and stories and topics and emotional and dramatic content the mind obsesses over? See those thoughts the mind is desperately trying to figure out? They have absolutely nothing to do with the subconscious unhealed EMOTIONS that are creating them. There are 3 ‘groups’ of unhealed emotions: Feeling unsafe, powerless/ helpless, hurt/ not enough. That’s it THESE emotions are the real ‘problem’, not the mental objects, stories, topics, details the mind obsesses over.

Heal and strengthen your being, give some love and compassion to those parts of you that feel unsafe, hurt, not enough, powerless, helpless, betrayed, so the mind that now feels safe and strong will INDIRECTLY withdraw the symptoms, along with all their details and nuances which, when these subconscious emotions are healed, will become irrelevant and you will go “what the heck was that?” and you will have a good laugh.

In this video I show you a very simple way to identify the real subconscious emotion that is creating this endless procession of thoughts, and I will give you a very clear direction on what to do with it so these symptoms can INDIRECTLY leave, and how this information is super practical and precise and priceless and will save you years. Be strategic. Be smart. Don’t fix emotional and logical details, undo the foundation of the subconscious problem so there’s nothing to fix in the first place.

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