Depersonalization Emotional Numbness – Can Depersonalization Cause Numbness? No EXPLAINING Emotions!

Emotional numbness is not just the symptom of dissociation, it can also be a “standalone” situation with its own habits, beliefs and mechanisms.

One of the most basic reasons why we feel disconnected from our emotions is because instead of feeling the physical SENSATION that this emotion has, we search for and create a MENTAL PILLOW that helps you absorb it. 😏

So instead of feeling hurt right now, in your body, with no protection, you activate and give energy to the mind to create explanations, justifications, intellectual stories that help you escape from this sensation/feeling in the present moment – I know why I feel this way because of that event in the past, because this random thing I’ve done yesterday that’s why people don’t like me, etc. – these are mental pillows that help you absorb the impact of the physical sensation in the present moment 😬

(The real) reality can be very overwhelming and uncomfortable and full of complex nuances, so rather than facing the real thing, you mentally make something up and convince yourself why it’s true,

disconnecting from your emotions along the way, and going up and up in your head. Because when you are in your body, you can’t escape, it’s there, you can’t avoid it, that’s how it is. 🤷‍♀️
You are going to learn how we complicate our emotions, how the mind uses explanations to absorb the impact of emotions, and how this helps you create the internal peace and freedom you’re looking for. To your freedom!

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