Depersonalization Emotional Numbness – Can Depersonalization Cause Numbness? DEFAULT vs FORCE

Think about this. Are you making any effort in being anxious? In obsessing? In dissociating? In thinking? No, it seems that’s your default. So why should it be any different for the opposite, for calmness, being present, connected, feeling safe? 😏

If you’re trying to “mentally fix and force” change to happen, or to “keep progress/positive emotion in my grips before it slips away”, you are totally on the wrong page. In the same way that your subconscious is keeping the anxious/ dissociation/ thinking/ obsessing default without you thinking about it or forcing it to happen or remembering what is the default,

your subconscious is perfectly capable of keeping the opposite calmness/ present/ safe/ connected without you thinking about it or forcing it to happen or remembering what is the default.

As a rule of thumb, remember this: Any form of mental “forcing and fixing from above” or “progress and positive you have to keep before you forget” or similar anxiety & control based progress, is very fragile by default.

Doesn’t matter how bad you want it, doesn’t matter how much you obsess, doesn’t matter how much you cry and get desperate and feel helpless and get more anxious, it just doesn’t matter – it’s all mental, intellectual and reactive but the SUBCONSCIOUS DEFAULT is remaining the same.
For you to have a lasting breakthrough, you need to change the subconscious default not mentally fixing and forcing or reacting more. 😯

On top of that, you are going to learn what is the real problem as far as emotional numbness (it’s not what you think). Be smart and create real progress not the fragile one. Enjoy!

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