Depersonalization Disorder Thinking Without Feeling: HOW and WHY You EDIT Your Emotions [HACKING DISSOCIATION CODE]

My students and fans told me they found these videos of mine extremely useful, deep and transformative, so i thought i would share them again in case you missed out on them 🙂

The main topics and what you’re going to learn from these videos is:

✅ have the practical and concrete step by step understanding of what is going on within you as far as dissociation, and how to be free of it

✅ have a solid understanding of the deep and subconscious processes that drive dissociation. In laymans terms it means what is going on in you without you being aware of it. Im going to teach how to master yourself and stop being controlled by the things which you’re not aware of

✅ hacking “dissociation code” and getting to know yourself to depths and to a level that you’ve never explored before. It’s not just about solving problems but understanding what is REALLY going on within you so you become independent and free

✅ the precise way and process in which dissociation is created (literally). No more guessing or unawareness of what is going within you. This is unique information, especially in the level of detail and practicality that i present it in

Also, leave me your feedback of what you liked and appreciated the most, or any question you might have such as how to apply it for your specific situation and goals 🙂

To your success,
Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist


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