If you have low self esteem, feel criticized by that negative inner voice and have self-doubt, my question is: Why are you still believing it?

The problem is that people have believed this negative voice for so many years that its almost become embedded in their sense of identity and you dont differentiate that “hey, one thing is THAT voice, one thing is ME”

You believe you ARE the voice because it feels so true

From someone who has developed a pretty high level of genuine confidence and self-respect, let me tell you: This is a CHOICE

Believing fear is a choice
Believing negativity is a choice
Talking to yourself negatively is a choice
Criticizing yourself is a choice

It sounds so simple, but you do NOT have to do this and you do not have to treat yourself this way 😯

I can’t tell you how many times still to this day i start doing something uncomfortable, challenging myself, achieving some kind of goal,

and as predicted the voice starts playing the usual boring mantra “you dont deserve it” “what if this happens” “what if people think negatively of you” “what if people hurt you blah blah blah”

To which i reply a genuine “fuck that i dont believe you”, the voice goes quiet because it understands who’s the boss here and that im not gonna invest my precious time and energy in exploring why im not worthy and all this garbage the mind creates, and the voices ends there 😎

It’s true, sometimes there are deeply emotional causes to why you have this harsh and negative voice and self-talk and you might need some “deep therapy to reprogram the subconscious”,

but at the same time let me give you a reality check: Do NOT expect that therapy is the solution to every problem and that you just need to reprogram your mind with positive affirmations or stuff like that

This is and remains a conscious choice because this negative voice is and remains a natural built-in protection mechanism and no amount of therapy can undo that
That negative voice starts fading away and eventually disappears when, NO matter what it says, you ADAMANTLY refuse to explore it

I said ADAMANTLY not what if this, what if that, exception here and exception there. ADAMANTLY. No exploring. No investing time and energy and going against yourself.
Be the leader of your mind and show to your mind that you refuse to explore that negative voice no matter how true it feels

This is how i’ve changed my life and my students life, by being the leader of your mind and not its submissive servant 💪

To your freedom