ARE WE A GOOD FIT? 😏 Let me share with you the principles i use in my business and personal life..

I do NOT work with anyone. If it’s not a priority for you to improve, why should it be for me to give you my time? 🤔

Some people get upset that i dont reply and ignore them, that i cancel the discovery calls they book, that i tell them no in the calls or that i dont reply to their comments.
So let me tell you how it works here: I give 100 percent of my time, heart, energy and effort to my students, to new people that want to improve and that are VERY serious about getting better NOW

..and 0 percent of my precious time and energy to those who keep procrastinating, who tell me “yes yes im super motivated” and then are even lazy to book and do a call with me and ask me “can we please just chat? i dont like doing calls”,

who focus on complaining, who start nitpicking this and that and who focus on irrelevant details, who start arguing and take things personally instead of just getting better. If thats you, you can almost expect that i WILL ignore you or i will tell you NO and you will probably have a bad relationship with me, and thats ok too.

If you are already a student of mine or you are interested in what i do and are very motivated to get better, you are going to have my full support, im going to take care of you personally and have my guidance. I love being there for you and my heart fills up with joy and compassion when you ask me stuff and i can help you be freer and better.

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Sometimes i stay up 3-4 hours more just to reply to all my students who have asked me questions and making sure they have my support and advice as quickly as possible.
My students are my #1 priority and more than once i postponed doing things in my personal life to support them when they needed my help the most. Or if you’ve known me for a while, you know that im there for you and you can always ask me stuff and i will reply to you and help you out.

BUT if you are someone who is lazy, aside from my content, you will have nothing from me.

This is how it works here: 100 percent for who is serious and motivated and ready to change and improve NOW, and 0 percent to who is wasting my time and has a bad attitude and keeps procrastinating and complaining.

Choose which side you want to be in, because i dont have a middle ground and i dont really offer a third option.

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist