ARE SURE YOU WANT TO RECOVER??? LET’S SEE.. (NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS) – Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

There’s one thing we all take for granted, an assumption we never question because we believe that “it must be true”

The assumption is this: HAVING PROBLEM means –> WANTING TO GET BETTER

Now let me tell you, it doesnt really work like that

How many people look for a solution, compulsively in “i need to fix this” mode, compulsively inundating google and youtube servers with queries “how do i fix dpdr” “how do i cure anxiety quickly”, etc.

Well, you have to know that there’s a part of you that doesnt want to change, or doesnt believe that change is even possible, or that the way the solution is presented or the way it works cant be that way

So people constantly escape from themselves and instead of being REALLY honest and reviewing their motives, they jump in the “are you kidding? I want to fix this as soon as possible because im tired of this” mode

So here are some subtle ways in which you CONSCIOUSLY believe you want to recover but DEEP DOWN you are doing the opposite and going against yourself:

❌ believing that the cure doesnt exist

❌ believing that the cure exists but it doesnt work with you specifically and there’s something about your specific situation that makes it impossible to recover no matter what you do

❌ feeling powerless because what happened to you cant be cured and there’s no way to fix it, change the past, or right the wrongs

❌ after seeing each solution/ course/ technique/ method, believing that it cant work like that and it’s not possible that it’s so simple or that the process to heal works like that but it must work in another way and that “it cant be it” (and then thinking the same when seeing the next solution)

❌ believing that it’s not the right time to change in your life and you have to wait until X situation/ person/ whatever gives you permission or until the “perfect conditions” are created

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You hold only one of these beliefs in your mind, and NO matter what you do, you are back to square one

If you keep those beliefs wandering in your mind, your mind is going to find a way to sabotage your progress not for the sake of it, but because thats what it believes you want and what you’ve taught it 😅

So paradoxically, by trying to speed recovery up by finding more solutions, you are actually slowing it down because every solution you find only acts as more confirmation that “no it’s not possible” or “i dont deserve it” or “see? it’s not for me/it cant work for me”, etc.

So let me give you a counter-intuitive advice: Before you search for the next “how to fix dpdr/ dissociation/ anxiety/etc.”, stop for a second, take 3 deep breaths, and just be honest with yourself:

What am i believing about solutions? Do i even deserve to be cured? Do i feel i can do it? Do i believe it’s possible for me? Do i believe that i can make this solution work for me? Do i believe that i can actually improve from what happened to me in the past?

This and all the other posts and videos i create will put you on the right track and help you create the first improvements. However if you feel you need a deeper solution and work an expert then book your free discovery call here before the spots get booked