You already know how it works: most anxiety and dpdr gurus tell you to just accept, distract yourself and ground yourself from anxiety and dpdr with some grounding techniques, acceptance techniques, distraction techniques, mindfulness techniques, body awareness techniques, muscle relaxation techniques

Now, let me give you a realistic overview so you can make your own reasonings. If your anxiety and dpdr was triggered by smoking/drug experiences (very common), these techniques CAN work and DO work. If there are no deeper traumas, they can definitely work!

Now, what do i mean by “deeper traumas”? 🤔

Well, some people believe that FEELING itself is not safe, feeling sad is not safe, feeling vulnerable is not safe, feeling hurt is not safe, being sensitive is not safe

That just EXISTING itself is not safe, that BEING who you are is fundamentally wrong, that you should be another person and stop being who you really are because people wont like it

That being HAPPY, excited, calm is not safe

Some people have lived for years and decades with emotionally neglectful or abusive parents..

Some people find themselves being 30 and having to learn how to FEEL again, what emotions are, how to re-discover themselves..

Some people find themselves being 40 and having to learn to let go of all the self-doubt, never being enough, dysfunctional behaviors that was instilled and absorbed in childhood..

THIS is what i mean when i always talk about “deeper traumas”

Now here’s what you need to do.. you go and tell these people “just accept the symptoms” and “just accept the anxiety” or “just try and be present” “just relax your body it’s gonna be fine”… and whats that gonna do? Nothing, or close to nothing, or some improvements but the underlying issues remain all there. 😅

The gurus in the dpdr and even anxiety domain keep on insisting that there’s no difference if your anxiety and dpdr come from smoking weed or childhood trauma, it’s the same thing right!? You just need to accept the anxiety for both right?

You just need to distract yourself from the anxiety and try and live your life as normal as possible right? The path to recovery is the same right? No you dont have to heal those traumas because it’s just matter of relaxing your body and learning some grounding techniques in the present moment right?


I can pretty much guarantee you that these gurus claiming this stuff know pretty much nothing of what it means to have these kinds of wounds inside, of living in a dysfunctional family, of having emotionally neglectful parents – and developing dpdr and anxiety from THAT stuff.

They just smoked weed once, had some bad experiences with drugs, then learned to relax their body and accept the symptoms, and thats it, healed

❓ So, here’s the million dollar question: Is anxiety and dpdr triggered by bad smoking/drug experiences, the same as the anxiety and dpdr triggered by childhood trauma, dysfunctional family dynamics all these deeper traumas that i always talk about? The answer is:

✅ the symptoms are pretty much identical in both cases – numbness, unreality, disconnection, distance, up in your head, high concentration of thinking, super intellectual, fear and anxiety based thinking

❌ but whats caused the anxiety and dpdr are COMPLETELY different things. Example: You can numb your emotions because you deeply believe that your feelings dont matter, are too complex, are bad, people dont like them, only when you are sick people pay attention to you (progressive and layered trauma-based unconscious limitations), or simply because you had a bad smoking experience, your body went into a dissociative state and now you dont feel your emotions, and thats it.

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Another example: you can develop anxiety because you deeply believe that the only way to be heard is to be sick so you make yourself anxious and stressed so you have a rational justification that explains why you need attention and to be heard,

or you can develop anxiety because you believe there’s something fundamentally wrong with you and you keep stressing yourself out until you reach this ideal of perfection which you logically know it doesnt exist but emotionally you keep believing it,

..OR you can develop anxiety because you went into a panic attack after a bad smoking experience, and now you are afraid of having another panic attack, and this starts a cycle of “trying to control my next moment of internal experience so i dont get an anxiety attack again and i can control how i feel” – which of course makes you more anxious, and bang now you are stuck in the anxiety cycle of future thinking, predicting and controlling

It doesnt take a genius to realize that the two situations are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS
How do i know all of this? 😏

(1) although i never had chronic dissociation (mostly thinking a lot, being up in my head, many triggers around abandonment/rejection, some childhood emotional neglect symptoms), i am in the group of people that i now work with – people who developed dpdr and anxiety from all these traumatic experiences and “deeper stuff”

(2) because thats what my followers and students tell me all the time that thats what they feel, they just couldnt put words to their feelings until they finally found my unique and deep content that explains them exactly whats going on!

(3) because if that wasnt true, i wouldnt be doing what i do and people wouldnt contact me and i would be the average dpdr and anxiety guru talking about the same shit and giving the same advice regurgitated from the same books, courses and videos about acceptance, distraction, trauma, somatic and grounding techniques

So here’s the fact: the ‘breed’ of dpdr/dissociation and anxiety coming from bad smoking/drug experiences, is NOT the same as the breed of anxiety and dpdr coming from childhood trauma, dysfunctional family dynamics, deeper traumas, etc. – and although it can overlap at times, the path to recovery is definitely not the same

Now a nice thing you can do is you can share this post in all those groups and forums where people are still struggling, where there’s a lot of misinformation and gurus keep on repeating the same shit over and over again. You can help all these people out by giving them this more accurate information, dont keep it just for yourself 😁

Furthermore to help in your recovery, here you find a link to a pdf i’ve created where you can see more in detail even more examples of how this all works. Download it and let me know how you find it useful⬇

To your success!!