ANXIETY – What To Do When ANXIETY Is Too Much: Stop COPING & Solve The REAL Problem!

Many anxiety experts think that anxiety is just a random thing that your body and mind that do, and you just have to keep accepting it and hopefully it goes away with time and hopefully with time it goes away if I leave it there.

Now, that’s one breed of anxiety, and there are some people where this approach works very well in that “there’s nothing else there”, and that kind of anxiety is truly an exaggerated instinctive reaction that starts and ends in one event, and that has nothing to do with previous patterns and beliefs or a specific history that created it. 😏

However, there’s another breed of anxiety that doesn’t go away like that no matter how much you accept it. That’s why people all over the world are start to recognize that the classic acceptance/ distraction are oversimplistic methods that completely disregard the patterns and beliefs that fuel the anxiety in the first place

(such as believing that you need to be perfect otherwise people won’t like you, believing that the world/ people/ relationships are unsafe no matter what you do, etc.), and that’s precisely why I’m here. 😌

Giving a voice and solutions to tens possibly millions of people that already know this; I’m not saying anything unique or new as such. You already know this stuff, if anything you don’t have the skills and focus to define, conceptualize, articulate, package, explain and most importantly solve it.
So what the heck is anxiety then, other than the classic fight/flight explanation followed by accept/distract as its solutions? Anxiety is

(1) accumulated & layered doubts & fears about feeling & expressing your emotions and

(2) conflict & pressure between a part of you that pushes you to be/do/feel something, and another part of you that doesn’t want to – and the conflict between how you actually feel vs how you should feel.

Rather than compulsively searching for solutions, let’s define the nature and context of the problem in the first place. To your freedom! 💯

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