Anxiety success story – how Daniel has won anxiety doubt dpdr & feels grounded calm assertive

Daniel wanted to be a better dad and friend, to enjoy and connect with life to the fullest, to be present with his family, have the courage and clarity to make career changes, to stop being in his head all the time and live life and take on challenges.

But he had strong feelings of anxiety, self-doubt and dissociation that were getting in the way of his happiness and goals. Thanks to our work he went from feeling very anxious, panic attacks, overthinking and dissociation,

to being able to handle life with confidence, much calmer grounded and more joy, connecting and being present with his family and friends, getting to know himself and having much more focus and clarity in his goals and looking forward to the future and challenges!

What he appreciated the most was the care and love and how quickly we got to the core of the problem. As a matter of fact we solved the symptoms without ever mentioning or talking about them! Just solve the real subconscious problem.

He liked that this solution is specific, straight to the point and no one really talks about this stuff but mostly surface level symptom fixing and theories.

Daniel’s #1 piece of advice: Invest in yourself, the symptom is not the real problem and address the emotional issues underlying symptoms!

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