Anxiety Hypnosis: Stop Wasting Time On Symptoms & Solve REAL Problem [Best Hypnosis For Anxiety]

How do you solve anxiety and anxiety symptoms? By fixing and obsessing over symptoms right? By solving anxiety right? Nope nope nope. Anxiety is not the problem, it’s just a label used to encompass a variety of feelings, the main ones are: feeling unsafe, powerless, out of control, not enough, rejected, betrayed. How anxiety projects itself is what you call “symptoms” and “mental problems” and what you obsess over is nothing but abstract and irrelevant emotional details, stories and targets that anxiety uses to perpetuate itself.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that the average person that keeps on obsessing on symptoms stubbornly and believes they will win this self-created war in their head, is bound to remain stuck no matter how hard and logically they try, because they are trying to ‘fix’ a perceived or real emotional ‘problem’ with a mental thing and they don’t realize how they’re fixing the symptom is the essence of how they’ve created it, the very foundation of the problem, not something new let alone the ‘solution’. It just doesn’t work.

This is an emotional problem, and only another more powerful emotion is capable of putting an end to these symptoms and mental mess you’ve created for yourself once and for all. Emotion to emotion, not mental thing to emotion. Stop talking about symptoms and irrelevant details and solve the real problem. Watch and apply.

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