Anxiety hypnosis expert: stop listening to sufferers & solve REAL problem (hypnosis anxiety expert)

Alright check this out. Most of the ‘advice’ sufferers give you is utter bs. Sufferers do this. They’ve had the problem for so long they have to justify its usefulness, they have so many stories and bs in their head they can’t see past it how SIMPLE it easy to overcome anxiety, dissociation whatever mental health problem or symptom you have.

They distort logic to convince themselves why it’s ok and they need to live with it instead of FULLY solving this – anxiety is useful because blah blah, you have anxiety because you’re very sensitive here’s this pseudo-scientific victim validating intellectual description why you need to keep it etc. is just part of the sad collection of (highly intellectual) bs

If you tell me it’s not possible to overcome anxiety 100%, I will ask you how many people you’ve helped. Then I will ask you your proof how many times you’ve done it. I know the answers. You have no proof. You have plenty of experience IN the problem, but no or little experience OVERCOMING it.

So stop will all this intellectual bs learn the method follow the process and do the work and you’ll be anxiety free in no time. Any story from there is your personal bs that comes from ignorance, denial and unawareness and has no solid proof in reality. Anxiety hypnosis expert explains how..

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