Anxiety hypnosis expert: “Anxiety? Just live with it!” That’s BS! DO THIS (hypnosis anxiety expert)

Anxiety – just live with it! It’s a part of you! It’s who you are! Mhh can you smell the bs in those ideas?

This is the harsh truth you need to face. You are an expert IN the problem, not in OVERCOMING it.

I don’t care if you’ve had anxiety dissociation whatever it is for 5 years or your whole life, so what? What do you know about overcoming it if you’ve never done it? Where’s your proof?

Stop complicating your head with useless theories and symptom fixing. Learn the exact method follow the process and do the work.

The rest is stories and distractions that will keep on delaying your happiness and will get you nowhere and the people around will keep on suffering. Here’s how to avoid that so you can be there emotionally present and stable for them.

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