Anxiety: How To Get Out Of Anxiety – How You “Get Out” Is How You “Got In” [UNIQUE 2021]

People constantly ask me “how do I get out of anxiety” “what can I do to get out of this loop” “should I prove thoughts wrong how can I not believe in them”. Here’s the fact. The way you’re thinking about anxiety captures the essence of how you’ve created it. How you’re getting out of anxiety is how you got in. The questions, labyrinths, quizzes, stories anxiety pushes you to answer and figure out are simply a more complicated, camouflaged and creative way of how it’s keeping itself alive, not their resolution via undoing.

In this documentary you’re going to learn how to finally ‘solve’ anxiety by simply undoing the foundation of why anxiety is here so there’s no anxiety left to fix in the first place, because it will be replaced by real confidence, strength, love, understanding which is going to heal whatever feeling/part of your being anxiety was trying to protect, compensate and project. Focus on the solution not the problem you know what I mean? “I need to get out of it” assumes that it’s real which automatically gives it power, so with the excuse of “trying to fix it and get out of it” you’re actually energetically validating it and strengthening it which is precisely the opposite of what you want (technical explanation for “I’m struggling”). There’s nothing to get out of, only to get out of your own way.

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