Anxiety & dpdr success story – how Emily is living her new life symptoms free & loving it 😍

Emily is a very smart and strong woman. She is very resilient, has overcome many challenges and very ambitious. After years battling with anxiety, social anxiety, fatigue and dissociation symptoms she has finally won.

This was affecting her work, confidence, productivity, relationships, moving forward in life. She didn’t feel motivated to achieve her goals, and sometimes symptoms were so extreme it was hard to get out of bed. Exactly, a struggle.

Trying to figure that out for years but nothing was giving her the relief and new life that she wanted. Fast forward a few sessions – she feels so much more motivated, alive, focused, productive, confident and connected in herself. See her grow has been amazing.

What she loved the most was how much she felt supported and how simple and funny the whole process has been (despite the seriousness of problems & symptoms).

Emily’s #1 piece of advice: stop trying to figure this out on your own stop fixing symptoms work with the expert of the subconscious and solve the real problem!

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