ANXIETY & DPDR/DISSOCIATION PROGRESS – Another student moving towards full recovery 😍

Another student moving towards full recovery ..after 1 session and a few weeks of application πŸ˜…πŸ€£

Interested in results like this? You’ve tried everything and feel as if nothing got to the bottom of things?
Well this is what i specialize in and why my students choose me even if they’ve ALREADY worked with the other dpdr and anxiety gurus

Because with my methods we get to bottom of things very quickly. Because i dont need to know your childhood history. Because im not gonna ask you what symptoms you have because i already know them all.
Because i already know what you want. Because i speak your language. Because i love tangible results more than abstract theories.

Why? Simple, because im specialized in this and i talk to people who have the same problems, symptoms, goals, every single day and week and month. Thats it πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

When acceptance doesnt work.. When distraction doesnt work.. When grounding and mindfulness and meditation are not enough.. When relaxing your body and somatic techniques..

When pretty much everything you’ve tried hasnt worked to solve dissociation and anxiety, contact me and i’ll see if and how i can help you.

Look, mine is not a perfect method either and i dont know if i can actually help you until we talk, but i’ve helped people who were in really really bad situations with decades of these issues and who had tried absolutely everything, until they found me.

This is my offer for you. But you need to take that next step. You need to be determined and committed.
So if you feel i can help you and that we can get along on a personal level too, just contact me! Or book your discovery call below

Book your free discovery call here. In this call i will see if i can actually help you based on your problems and goals and i’ll give you valuable insights and a plan of action on how to move forward. Spots are not always available and no, procrastinating for another time will not heal you and will not change your life. Take action hereΒ

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

Image may contain: text that says 'Iliad Active 18... i hey how have you been doing lately 4:59 PM Hey Giuseppe Good, a lot of improvement actually, been feeling really calm and good 7:20 PM Excellent man What else can help you with, or what else remains like the progress I'm making as of now, but still need to be more consistent and adjust some small things in my life before think about anything else, but in general I've been feeling fantastic man, obviously still not 100% but it feels like I'm moving towards full recovery Aa'