Anxiety and dissociation and symptoms fixing is absolutely useless. Solve the REAL problem 😎

Anxiety and dissociation and symptoms fixing is absolutely useless. Solve the REAL problem 😎

Check this out. What you want is not to fix symptoms, what you really need is a better alternative to feel safe.

Your subconscious doesn’t care what you say you want with your logic

I want to be calm, grounded, connected, authentic, real, symptom free etc. it couldn’t care less
Actually it will make sure you don’t get and feel that as it stores the experience/ memory/ meaning/ conclusion/ belief/ association that THAT is dangerous/ not safe/ not good enough etc.

The way you’re subconscious is thinking is this primitive amorphous irrational emotional thing along the lines of “last time you were enjoying yourself your boyfriend cheated on you. Every time you are calm there’s always a problem I didn’t expect. You can’t be yourself people leave you for no reason.

If you don’t control everything your life will be out of control and you will feel powerless unsafe. If you don’t logically reassure or do something with your feelings quickly they won’t end and they won’t be accepted etc.”

I know it’s fucked up. I know it’s irrational. But that’s the REAL and ONLY reason why you’re stuck 🤷‍♀️

So NOW the subconscious link is “feeling calm/ authentic/ present = danger/ threat” that’s it just like that
(note – in my experience that is the very first seed of all anxiety disorders. An anxiety disorder is these subconscious links + all the logical mess people do in their head to fix these emotional irrational things)

It takes one second to form these subconscious links right so can you explain me why does it have to take years of therapy to undo them??

May be an image of Giuseppe Tavella, beard, standing, tree and outdoors

It takes a few seconds of intuition and mastery with the right person to explain and solve what most people study in YEARS in academia and research!

Now the feeling of “enjoying myself/ having fun/ being present/ calm“ is intertwined with anxiety or disconnection.

Then you want to get rid of anxiety, you create an even bigger mess blah blah STOOOOP fixing symptoms and solve the real subconscious problem!

You logically want to feel calm but subconscious goes WHAAAAT are you crazy? What if you get hurt again? Are you crazy what if you are connected to yourself and express your real feelings and no one will accept you? Fuck that I’m not going to be calm! 🥱

That’s what your subconscious is thinking. You need to work on that level.

The rest is useless coping, details and symptoms fixing that does nothing or fixes on a logical level but emotional things are still there = years later anxiety comes back = back to square oneee welcome another year of therapy!!

I can help you put an end to this

DM to learn more how simple this is (with intuition and mastery)