About Giuseppe Tavella

Giuseppe Tavella has successfully healed people from all walks of life from anxiety, dissociation, fears, low self-esteem, unhealthy habits, emotional issues, traumas and more

My name is Giuseppe Tavella and I’m an Italian based therapist/mental coach specialized in dissociation/DPDR and anxiety.

I’m fascinated by how the mind works and all its subtle mechanisms, and I have the talent to understand people deeply. I’ve healed myself from a very complex mental and emotional chaos (emotionally neglectful parents, childhood emotional neglect symptoms, triggers around abandonment and rejection, deep wounds, etc.).

I’m known for having healed people with very “complex” cases of dissociation/DPDR and anxiety and for the unique and deep information I provide. What sets me apart are the deep and quick results that my students experience after a few sessions with me where people are free from decades of dissociation and anxiety.

I’ve been trained in RTTâ„¢ (Rapid Transformational Therapy) and I use cutting-edge methods that, combined with my natural talents, personal experiences and unique understanding of the mind, make me unique in what I do.


UNIQUE. My students and followers appreciate the uniqueness of my work. Although there are experts who work with dissociation and anxiety and they say they are specialized in it, their content and methods are so often generic and recycled from other experts and they focus on (1) acceptance (2) distraction (3) mindfulness (4) somatic and body-based techniques to relax and release tension from your body (5) therapies that are more intellectual and conscious in nature such as talk therapy, psychoanalysis, CBT and counselling where you get validation, increase awareness and recognize and label thoughts but don’t solve the problem. While I like to take the best from every method, I do not rely on any of those methods. Instead, I work directly with the subconscious mind through hypnosis where you can heal decades of traumas, heal emotional pains and wounds, change limiting beliefs and change your life in (literally) hours. There’s no magic; You just know precisely where to go like a laser and solve the real problem on an emotional level.

DEEP. My work is for you if you’re looking for a deep method that gets to the bottom of things. You know that allowing and accepting your symptoms and feelings is not enough. You want something deeper, a personal transformation from the inside out, and to work with an expert that knows exactly what’s going on in you and that understands you before you even say the first word without having to waste entire sessions just explaining your situation and giving them a list of your symptoms

EFFECTIVE. I create changes quickly. My students start seeing tangible results within a few hours of working with me. And I expect that. I expect every session we have to leave you feeling different and that something important has changed for the better. I don’t do sessions just for the sake of it. To be noted, quickly doesn’t mean rushed, ineffective or that you just sit there and do nothing. Quickly simply means that I know exactly how the mind works and I can squeeze months of therapy in a few hours because I know exactly where to go and what to do to free you from dissociation and anxiety

HIGH-QUALITY. I’ve been in the personal growth and healing industry for the last 9 years every day, intensely and constantly, learning from the best, working with the best, healing myself, leveraging my natural talents and creating my own unique path and methods. I’m 100 percent in this. This is my life’s work and vision

SENSITIVE. I have great collaborations and I love working with people that are sensitive and creative. I consider myself very creative, sensitive, intuitive and determined and I love working with people who have the same or similar qualities.

GIVING BACK. Every week I spend hours creating 100 percent free high-quality content. I love to give myself 100 percent and help as many people as I can.

Giuseppe doing some public speaking


I am in the process of creating the fastest and most effective solution on Earth to solve anxiety and dissociation, and in many aspects, it’s already the fastest and most effective.

In a rare combination of my natural talents and personal experiences, the renowned efficacy of hypnosis, the unique and deep understanding of the mind that I possess, having learned from the best in this field, and my love for efficiency and precision – I’ve combined all of this into one powerful solution with the goal of delivering outstanding results and making people free in a a matter of hours.

My mission is to keep creating the #1 solution on Earth to solve anxiety and dissociation so that people can have their life back and enjoy the freedom that they deserve, for themselves and their loved ones.

Giuseppe doing some public speaking