✅ Let go of the “I hope it gets better” and “let’s cross the fingers and let’s see how it goes” strategies. Realize that hope is a projection in the future to avoid one’s feelings of powerlnessness.

Realize that for change to take place, YOU have to change and take proactive action – not wait and hope

✅ Get crystal-clear on what you want. Our mind is very seductive and wants to make us believe that we need be protected.

Explore that part of you that wants to KEEP dpdr because it believes theres a usefulness, pleasure, comfort and sense of familiarity in keeping it. Realize that no healing is ever going to happen until you get clear on these conflicting motivations (I want to let go of dpdr but I want to keep it at the same time)

✅ Learn to live life without meaning and without understanding the why of yourself and the world. Embrace the meaninglessness, irrationality, unpredictability of your emotions, thoughts and of life.

You are going to survive even if you don’t understand the meaning and if you don’t understand everything. Let go of the mania of understanding meanings and the why’s. You can very well survive and thrive without them.

✅ Learn to live life without descriptions and answers. It’s ok not to have answers and not being articulate and fluent with words and concepts. You are going to survive. Embrace the ‘unexplainability’ of your emotions, thoughts and of life. First and foremost, emotions are there to be felt and they are not an interesting concept to analyze.

Allow yourself to feel without knowing why. Allow yourself to feel without having a description or theory as to why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. Just feel and sit with your feelings without wrapping intellectual layers around those emotions.

– Giuseppe, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist

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