🥰 Working on a new video: WHY & WHEN neither ACCEPTANCE nor DISTRACTION work in removing anxiety 😎

So, neither acceptance nor distraction work? 🤔>

Just do the math: Pretty much the entire industry of anxiety (and dpdr/dissociation) is split between

✔ “just allow and accept it” (strategies mainly copied from Claire Weekes and her body of work) and

✔ “distract yourself” techniques (from people who’ve recovered and just have their personal experience to rely on, have no experience working with people and have no background in therapy and knowledge of the subconscious and emotions)

So, what do you with this conflicting information? Who do you listen to?

Well, as i always say, ignorance is neutralized by just telling you how this shit REALLY works 😅

By watching this video, without me telling you anything on “who’s right and who’s wrong”,

it is going to be obvious whats really going on here and why neither acceptance nor distraction work and what is the REAL problem instead (hint: anxiety often masks the real problem)

If you’ve been wondering why acceptance doesnt work, why distraction doesnt work, and what these anxiety and dpdr experts are missing that they’re not teaching you – this video is for you!

As always this is rare information made with love 💕 and precision 🎯

Stay tuned and if you have some questions or feedback you’d like to leave or ask me, just comment below!

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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