🥰 How to solve anxiety and dissociation symptoms by deciphering the unconscious mechanisms in your head [unique] 😮

🥰 How to solve anxiety and dissociation symptoms by deciphering the unconscious mechanisms in your head [unique] 😮

This is the thing. This anxiety and dissociation didn’t come out of nowhere

Mostly it’s a buildup of habits, unconscious habits that you are not even aware you’re running.

And then out of ignorance and unawareness, obsessing on the surface symptoms

It’s a constant escape from the present moment, from your body, from your emotions – towards logical things, thoughts, computations, analysis, concepts

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So while a ‘normal’ person just feels angry or sad as an example, this is what you do, this is literally your ‘head’:

• why – why is this feeling here, why now, why this, why like this, why so much, why so little, why couldn’t it be different, I need to know why before I feel and let myself go to it

• meaning – what does it mean, is there an hidden meaning, am I meant to live like this, why me, did I do anything wrong to deserve this, what’s the explanation why this is happening

• source – where does it come from, I need to know where it comes from before I feel it

• implication – what happens if I feel it, what if it doesn’t end, omg what if it’s endless, if I feel it I won’t be able to function in my life (false – the reason why you can’t function is because you’ve done all this mess instead of just feeling it)

• obsessing – how can I fix it, is it still there, oh no it’s still there, let me check one more time, I knew it was still there, how can I get rid of it, let me try harder, next time I’ll predict it

• idealizing – oh if I didn’t have this my life would be so much better, I remember my old self was so positive why am I here, how can I get there, I remember my life before all of this I wish I had that confidence I had (false – that wasn’t real confidence and happiness otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up in this situation in the first place)

• articulating – logically sequencing feelings so they are more “under control”, explainable, logically articulate, trying to control inner chaos and overwhelm with logical order, sequencing, articulation, words, concepts; conceptualizing feelings through words, concept, logic

• denial – actually I don’t feel that I feel this, here’s why, no I don’t feel angry I feel happy here’s why [insert self-created logical lie/mask to protect your hurt core]

You can appreciate how this is the main function of our logical mind – getting, achieving, analyzing, conceptualizing, sequencing, here/there, right/wrong, good/bad – surviving in the physical world pretty much

PRACTICALLY, I’ll tell you what that is.

That’s absolute garbage. It has nothing to do with the real emotional, subconscious problem.

That’s not how emotions work.

You have a “subconscious problem” that needs a “subconscious solution”. That’s it the rest is logical garbage.

No amount of thinking, obsessing, fixing, rationalizing, analyzing will solve this

Because that’s like amplifying the same mechanisms that got you here

How you’re fixing yourself is a more complicated intellectual version of how you got here just with new more creative and intellectual spins on it.

But at the end of the day it’s the SAAAAME thing and people get stuck because they don’t realize they’re doing the same things that got them here just with different content in it

You need to solve this from the core, from your subconscious on an emotional level, and undo these survival logical mechanisms. That’s it

If you want it it can take hours, or doing this on your own it could take years and decades. Either way the solution is available

Instead of fixing these unsafety symptoms you’re experiencing, give your subconscious the sense of safety and trust it’s looking for and everything else is going to sort itself out! 😁