Do you feel there’s something wrong with you because you cant find what caused dpdr?

Do you feel there’s no cure because you cant find the root cause of dpdr?

Do you think that your dpdr “came out of nowhere” and you feel that there’s no cure because there’s nothing precise that you can pinpoint and be like “This the cause!!”?

As human beings, what happens when we cant find an answer to such questions?

We are meaning-seeking answers-seeking beings, and when we cannot identify what that root cause of dpdr is, we start to think that perhaps it’s our fault, that there’s something wrong with us,

that there’s no cure, and sometimes we intimately explore and we entertain ourselves with the idea that we are cursed or that we were born to suffer or similar ideas

(recently I’ve had one person tell me that he was Satan and that he was speaking to me from another world, such dpdr was so severe. Sad I know)

But let me bring you good news: None of that is true!! 😲😲😲

The belief that creates this unnecessary suffering is this: The belief that dpdr stems only from events and circumstances that HAPPENED in our life. Meaning that you’re focusing on the things that happened in your life that might have led to the development of dpdr

That automatically and inevitably means that when you cannot find these infamous events and causes of dpdr, you start to suffer because

you don’t know whats going on with you and you feel that there must be something fundamentally wrong with you and that you’re incurable because you dont know whats the cause. Correct?

But here’s the second good news: Dpdr can start from events and things that NEVER happened in our life! Which means that there are true root causes to dpdr, but they are not as evident as you may think if you see them at face value. Also, ‘insignificant’ events that add up over time might be causes to dpdr. Some Examples:

– an absent parent that created a ‘hole’ in us

– hugs we never received and words we never heard such as “you are important” “I love you” “I appreciate you” “you matter”

– important people that never paid attention to us and didn’t fulfilling our emotional needs (not food or money, but needs such as feeling important, respected, heard, etc.)

– parent that never showed us that we are important or worthy

– environment around us that we felt was threating but we couldn’t express our feelings because we were not fully aware of them or how to articulate how we felt

So in this indirect and invisible fashion, we end up developing dpdr believing that nothing caused it, whereas in reality there are causes, it’s just that they are more indirect and hidden from awareness

So instead of thinking “There must be something in my life that happened that started dpdr” here’s a new perspective

✅ “There are things in my life that NEVER happened that started dpdr” and

✅ “There are little ‘insignificant’ events in my life that I couldn’t fully articulate and I wasn’t fully aware of them, but they affected me regardless”

Even though I know that this understanding is not enough to actually heal from dpdr, I know that it gives you much more peace of mind because now you know that there’s nothing wrong with you because

there might be events that never took place that caused dpdr, or situations that you deemed as ‘insignifcant’ at that time but affected you regardless of your ability to express how you felt

Comment below or contact me to learn more 😃

– Giuseppe, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist

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