Okay this is whats going on in your mind when you feel a negative, intense, uncomfortable, overwhelming emotion:

Who do i feel this way? Is this the right way to feel?

What does this emotion mean? Is this the right emotion?

Am i even feeling an emotion or am i thinking about it? What if it’s the wrong emotion? What if it’s a fake emotion and i cant trust it?

How do i know this is the right emotion? I dont understand where this emotion comes from, omg im so scared what if it never goes away?

What can i do to make this emotion go away? I cant see myself overcoming this emotion, is that even possible? Omg im so scared im gonna be stuck with this emotion forever

I dont understand how im going to feel calm and normal if this emotion is here, i dont understand what calmness feel like when im feeling this emotion.

Omg now that i think about it, what if i never go back to feeling calm and normal again? What if i get stuck with this emotion? What can i do to stop feeling this painful emotion?

What if i feel overwhelmed all the day long because this emotion just wont go away?

You start freaking out because you dont understand where this negative emotion comes from, why it’s there, what it means, why it’s so intense

You go more and more in your mind thinking of ways to make this overwhelming, negative, intense, uncomfortable emotion go away

You force yourself to imagine of how you’re gonna get rid of this emotion and how you’re gonna feel like and how you’re gonna know how this current painful emotion has gone away, or finding an explanation that “makes sense” that explains this emotion and gives you some ‘relief’

Now, see all these reactions, fears, anxiety and explanations? All this thinking on top of this emotion?

All the explaining and forcing yourself to imagine “normal and positive” when feeling negative emotion?

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These are different forms of the same mechanisms: You are ESCAPING, DISTRACTING yourself with explanations, AVOIDING FEELING and thinking as a way to defend yourself from the experience of this current emotion

It’s stuff like this that is the core issue with dissociation, overthinking, anxiety and emotional numbness: You are MASSIVELY complicating the original emotions hoping to get rid of them and hoping to get rid of this current uncomfortable experience as soon as possible

So, you always say you want to be present right? But you dont want to be present with emotions you dont like right? Well thats not how it works. 😏 Being present includes EVERY experience of ANY emotion NO MATTER how much you like or hate it

So, see all that jungle of thoughts, doubts, explanations and reactions? All those intellectual labyrinths and mess? THATS the real problem with the whole dpdr/dissociation, anxiety, overthinking, emotional numbness thing — NOT those emotions of painful experiences in that moment

So, i’ve created some videos for you where you’re gonna learn how to be more present, feel more emotions, being more spontaneous and authentic, reduce overthinking and anxiety levels and much more!

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Giuseppe Tavella, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist